Local owner and operator Donna Corbin offers independent environmental consultancy for the agricultural sector in rural regions of Southland and Otago. 

Our Mission

At RES we perform assessments of the environmental areas of your farming system to weigh up actual, alongside potential risks. From there we facilitate outcomes AND solutions for your farming property.

Local owner and operator Donna Corbin offers independent environmental consultancy for the agricultural sector. She has worked extensively within the dairy and environmental industry for over 10 years. Donna works with integrity and is well known throughout dairy and environmental fields nationwide. Valued for her honest risk assessments of systems, and providing comprehensive, practical solutions for managing what you have and what needs to be done based on the risk priorities.

Going beyond assessing what happens on the day, Donna will also identify what might be happening the next time inspectors are out to mitigate potential exposure to risk.

Donna’s core services are;
Independent environmental consultancy, system risk assessment and farm environmental plans
System assessment, pond sizing, design advice and project planning, working with accredited partners. Assessing priorities and goal setting with clients. 

  • Putting farmers in touch with the right people and overseeing client projects. *All consultancy is based on both regional requirements and industry good practic

  • Fair value, with set prices where appropriate. 

  • Incident response. Things do go wrong from time to time, your response to these events is critical not only in the first few hours, but for the next week. Put yourself in control with advice from an independent consultant who has years of experience with regional councils, and industry on the appropriate response process.

  • Prepare consent applications for renewal and variations.

  • Risk assessments. Regional rules and/or consents are the minimum requirements and may not identify risk areas that may lead to non-compliance, RES have the ability to look at your system with a fresh set of eyes and rate actual and potential risk areas from high risk to low risk and offer practical recommendations and advice to either manage the risk, what technologies may be of benefit or what infrastructure may be appropriate.

  • Massey Pond Calculations.

  • Industry WoF (Effluent Warrant of Fitness).

  • Application Rate Tests to determine the risk associated with applying effluent to land, determining the rate and depth of application and how the pumps, lines and irrigators are preforming.

    Being an independent consultant, she has the ability to work with clients and yourself in an ‘as needed’ capacity, when and as required to achieve positive outcomes for clients and yourselves. 

Our services at a glance

  • Advice

  • Application Rate Tests

  • Consent Requirements and Regional Regulations

  • Design

  • Effluent Management Plans

  • WOF Assessments

  • Independent Environmental Consultancy

  • Pond Sizing

  • Farm Environmental Plans

  • Project Planning

  • System Assessment

  • System Risk Assessment